The Dream


We drove up a road under construction
Stopping at each flagger
Up to a friends quaint reunion
His smile was intense
His body Caucasian
His relatives oriental
No match

He pretended I meant something to him
As we walked in his field of baby geese
His Asian relatives starred and judged
Geese as far as the eye could see

Back inside the plot thickens
My smoke rings are perfect
A haze
A conversation with the mother of dragons
An upstairs washroom
She seems unsettled

The light arrives and we explore the maze of a house
Each door is another world
Clothed I am not
And now I wear the plaid shirt of a friend

In a garden plaza we stop to take photos
I tarnish the photography of the other lost souls
The man painted with blood
Shows me the blood in his heart

Panting we run through the city of blood
Hoods of cars
Dripping from the buildings
Every turn

The only refuge found is I between two canvas tents
The only way out is down
A sea of locker rooms
I can feel the moisture in my lungs
A secondary party takes place in a sauna
People in the entrance seem unhappy
People in the sauna insane
Their sad eyes cling to me

I hold the light tighter
His hand in mine
We travel back to the room we began
A step

No goodbyes happen
The weak drive the weaker home
Only two car crashes
In the unexpected winter blizzard
Traction is gone
How did we make it here?
Back to my family home
The lawn damp from a spring rain
Getting out of our red Jetta
The smell of the interior resonates through me

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