My favourite words consist of loaf, agave, grotto, and fuck. 

The favouritism stems from their versitality.

You can have a loaf of agave,

You can be in a grotto of fuck,

And how fucking nice does a Agave Grotto sound.

I’d swim there, I’d eat a loaf of bread there, I’d tattoo ‘Agave Grotto’ right across my chest, and show everyone with fucking pride.  

I don’t give a loaf what anyone thinks about my favourite fucking words. 

I’m sorry they are not words like eloquence, or opulent, or silhouette. 

I guess you can have a eloquent silhouette. 

And maybe the opulent shine of her eyes matched her eloquent nature. 

But are these words really practical ? 


In real life it’s not like poetry, if you tell someone their silhouette is eloquent, all you will get is a confused look in their eyes rather than an opulent shine. 

If you say ‘You look fucking nice today’ they will understand. 

Life is simple. 

Only if you make it simple. 


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