Each time I drive I see pedestrians that are not there,

They seem so real,

But as soon as I approach they disappear.

Like the damp road has swallowed them whole.

When I focus on the road, the tops of the trees seem to swirl.

Like some sort of cursed entities,

Without the focus of my gaze their atoms may swirl and deform all they want. 

It’s as if I am the glue that holds this universe together.

That my consciousness creates sense from utter nonsense.

Some times I just watch the road form in front of my eyes;

If you look hard enough it almost seems to be unfolding from nothing.

Pixel by pixel,

The road seems to say all we are doing is floating in a dark abyss. 

It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

We are being deceived…

Well at least I am.

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