I miss driving fast

The long summer days have collapsed

We would get high on the ski mountain

Asking Jim to drive again


I miss my piece of shit car

That beautiful purple interior

The time spent in the back seats

Steamed windows

Dripping streaks


I miss my old friends

Well maybe I just pretend

It was the second guessed perception

That lead to the end


But, those days are gone

Repeated and stressed like an old song

With all longing aside

The simple days of that youth are gone


Now we sit and drink warm beer

In constant financial fear

Crippling debt is just part of life

Fucking amazing, right?


19th birthdays full of pink

Dumping vodka in my rented sink

Looking like trash

With a group of friends to match


These days will eventually be gone

After they become repetitive like that old song

Longing aside

Every single shining youthful moment will soon die

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