He told me I was beautiful.

We talked under a peter pan decal.

He took photos and everything was shiny,

We were young,

And we drank a lot.

I wish I could remember what we talked about.


He invited me into his cozy home,

And made me feel so welcome.

He was regrowing lettuce on the kitchen table,

He could hit a bong more elegantly than anyone I have ever seen.

He had cute dogs,

The room was hazy,

And we drank a lot.

I felt like it was the beginning of an exciting friendship.

But that was two years ago,

And I don’t know what to do with these feelings.


I saw him at work,


I was buying Canada day stickers and glow sticks.

I got anxiety when I saw him at the cash.

He had his hair in a ponytail,

He had great eyebrows,

We made plans that didn’t happen.


life has a great way of making plans for us.


I am so sorry this happened to him,

We all hurt for him,

He was too young.

The small amount of time we shared,

I knew he was special,

I hope he knew it too.





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