I wish I could say

that when he left the pieces of him tied strings around me

and I had to cut them one by one

until I could stand on my own

I really wish I could say

that he burned me down

and I had to bloom from the ashes like a finger tattooed Phoenix

but I threw the zippo

into his tall straw body

and I laid the gasoline


I am a Thermophile

I think he should be too


water is boring

until you are denied it

then a drop feels like drinking straight from the hose

in the middle of a heatwave

love does not have to be comfortable

it can be a forest fire

when you really love something

do not let it go

set it on fire

and let it rebuild itself stronger


feasting on the wind

only to attempt preservation and

picture what it would be like

to be preserved

we are choking on the


picture that

with frothed spit cascading from my chin

I try to swallow

they won’t take that from me

I hate myself

and you hate yourself

we are mutually

marbled and cool to the touch