the last daisy of the summer

Rising and falling

my nightgowned darling

these afternoons are in slow motion

crooked fingers and paper thin skin

I love the life you lived


My baby bird taking sips of water

pressing into the earth

I picked the last daisy of the summer

standing tall in the ditch


There is beauty in the end

my hand in yours

the beauty in this hospital bed

the beauty in these old carpet floors


Symptoms of crickets

rattling midnight hearts

we grew from your

sleeping dew drops


Pedal steels

the floor feels like you

I lay the flowers down

I will wear you like a crown

I want to make you proud


There is beauty in the end

my hand in yours

the beauty in this hospital bed

the beauty in these old carpet floors



the things we lost in the trash fire

emptiness is heaviness

a concrete sky

stiff bones for no reason

hoping to get high

breathing fumes that hurt your insides

huffing sunshine paint

to purify


break the ones you love

screaming “I wont go”

lapping paint thinner, with

moist rough tongues

that ooze through the stiffness

cracking tiles

dripping vodka water

the acid paper burns up my insides


burnt soles, melting plastic

“you do not know who I am”

tire fire side, basement  rim-job oxidized

a tense slow-burning pyrolysis

winding black smoke tastes the sky

to choke us both, and you scream

wishing you could hide


The sandstone edge beneath my feet is floury dust,

that’s craving only water.

I tighten the weak muscles in my core,

hoping to stay strong and

hoping I lose my footing.

In the summer it was firm.

The sun ran through my blonde hair,

and past the curves in my skin.

My shoulders were soft and I dressed in carnation,

billowing and light.

A hot breeze caught beneath my wing,

and placed my toes centred on the lip.

It’s getting cold now and,

the leaves are turning.

They slice back and forth as they fall off the trees,

the wind urging their ears.

Forcing them into sticky black corners

where they will fade to brown and begin rotting.

The precipitation threatens paralyzation.

Heavy clouds will fire off ice bullets,

forcing the earth to dance.

bad boys grow stronger

a splinter of flame

hanging out of your pupils

sending electric pulses through my body

like a piece of gravity weighting on my bones

pressing the tips of my fingers

egging me to burn it

until the grass catches fire

and the ashes

and the embers

are but a fragment of the fire

worthless char for the worms to eat

the earth will become fertile

with the flames you passed

the grass blooming into bed of meadows

my heart in my stomach at the thought


her face felt like silk

on the real housewives of slab city

carrying a mouth full of dimes

in a plastic bag

and a blocked airway

her face felt like ecstasy

a handful of mouth dripping

grey wool suits counting

posters falling off the wall

when the clock strikes midnight

her face gave me energy


mouth swollen

arms woollen

perfect timing